Patrizia Markwart (Ricciuti) was born in Chieti Scalo, Italy, the 1st of 3 children to Gemma Ricciuti and Beniamino Ricciuti. Immigrated to Guelph, Ontario/Canada at age 4 with her parents. Moved to Victoria where she graduated Esquimalt High School with scholarship honors in English, French and Sciences. Post graduate education at U of Victoria, BC, Camosun College, BC, and BCIT in Vancouver where she obtained a Medical Laboratory Technologist degree. Worked in Vancouver’s Children’s Hospital in Special Care Nursery and Intensive Care Nursery for 10 years during which time she dated John Markwart and married him in 1983. They had 2 children, Angela in September 83 and Aaron in May 86. In 1991, the Markwart family moved to Sherwood Park, Alberta and after 6 years of being an at-home mom (2 years in Vancouver and 4 years in Sherwood Park), Pat went back to school fulltime for 2 years. She received her Travel Consultant degree at Grant McEwan and started working for Marlin Travel. Pat continues work for Marlin Travel for 12 years and has enjoyed extensive travel all over the world by herself, with John and with her family and friends. She has a very special interest in providing affordable travel to mission groups. Pat is very involved in the community and church, volunteering on school boards, sports boards, fundraising committees, social committees, church quilting circles and book and dinner clubs.

John Michael Markwart was born in Ashern, Manitoba to Jenni and Clifford Melvin Markwart, the 2nd of 4 siblings. He graduated high school at Revelstoke High School in BC. in 1974. He focused on his athletic career playing volleyball from age 12. John had the privilege of playing for Canada in international competition at the top of his career. John trained as a butcher in Vancouver with Intercity Packers to support his volleyball career (because at that time national players were not getting paid enough to live on). While working and playing, he also took night classes in Management. While living, working and playing in Vancouver, John met Pat, married her in 1983 and started a family right away. In 1990, Intercity Packers started a sister company in Edmonton and John was asked to manage it. The family moved to Sherwood Park in 1991 where John continued to work for Intercity Packers. He volunteered coaching in swimming, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, volleyball and more. John has served in various capacities on many committees and boards up to and including president. In 2004, John decided to revive his athletic volleyball career because of his love of the game and has subsequently been playing in the Master’s and Senior tournaments both locally and internationally. This year he and his team have achieved the title of "Senior International Volleyball Champions of the World".

Patrizia and John have encouraged Angela and Aaron to work hard, play hard, and enjoy life fully. Pat has exposed them to travel, cooking, artistic creativity and family commitment. John has introduced them to all sports, community responsibility and work ethic. Angela and Matthew are embarking on a new phase of their life together and Pat and John look forward to sharing all experiences, past, present and future with them. Matthew, welcome to our family.

Ingrid Meier is the daughter of Frieda Meier (Mertke) and Manfred Meier, German immigrants who moved separately to Canada shortly after World War II. Fred met Frieda while she was managing the Leduc Bakery and Imperial Café and she subsequently hired Fred as a baker. They married one year later in 1953 with Ingrid coming into the family in October 1954.

Ingrid left Leduc for University at the age of 16 and graduated with degrees in Pharmacy (Class of 1975) and Law (Class of 1980). She returned home briefly in 1981 with the birth of Matthew to the Maplewood Inn her parents had built in 1977. They were only too happy to spend so much time with Matthew in his first 18 months. In August 1982, Ingrid and Matthew moved into their first house, which they purchased from Uncle Willy and Aunt Nancy.

Ingrid’s legal profession has taken her and Matthew many places in their lives. In 1989 she began work as in house counsel for Biomira Inc., a cancer research firm. They moved into their second home close to Matthew’s elementary School and Ingrid’s long time friend Sharon Pyrcz became Matthew’s after-school care giver.

In 1992, Ingrid took a risk and moved to California to check out the opportunities in intellectual property law there, but returned after being unable to secure work before immigration insisted she leave. Matthew accompanied her to California but returned to Canada 4 months earlier than Mom. He lived with Oma and Opa in Leduc during this time and recorded every episode of Star Trek the Next Generation for her. On Mom’s return to Leduc, there was a marathon TV session to watch all the missed episodes and celebrate our reunion.

Now Matthew is starting a new chapter in his life. Mom, Oma & Opa are looking forward to what the future will bring. Angela, welcome to the family!

Richard (Rick) McPhail was born April/51 in Bienfait, Sask., the 3rd of 7 children. Rick’s parents, nurse Dorothy (nee Hurle) & Dr. Grant McPhail were both Manitobans. Grant was a family doctor who eventually moved into the administrative side of medicine as executive director at the Glenrose Hospital (Edmonton) in 1971. Rick’s graduations included Eastglen High (Edmonton), U of A (Arts ’73) and Queen’s (Ontario) Law (’77). Rick worked for a small Calgary law firm (’77-’80) then with 2 separate partnerships in Edmonton (’80-’84). In 1984 Rick became, and still is, a sole practitioner. Rick married Linda Richardson (Law ’79, U. of A.) in 1983. Hayley (1985) and Casey (1991) have since become half sisters to Matthew. Matthew’s gravitational pull attracted the McPhail/Richardsons during Matthew’s teens. Rick has since assisted Matthew in developing his pool, bowling and golf skills. Matthew has reciprocated by introducing Rick to the world wide web.

All of the McPhails and the McPhail / Richardsons are big fans of Matthew and look forward to getting to know Angela better at a McPhail family reunion in July ’09.