Angela is the first child (and only daughter) of Pat and John Markwart. Growing-up surrounded by books, loving parents and her best friend and brother Aaron, Angela is tackling the world's need for experienced, organized Human Resource management.

Angela loves experiencing the world in all it's ways. Climbing, running, vacationing in the sun, even gardening will keep Angela outdoors in the summer. She loves travelling and has seen enough of the world to want to see the rest. On the rare chance Angela's inside you'll find her organizing birthdays, government events, or a wedding... though only one of the latter.

Angela couldn't be happier to find her soulmate in Matt. He shares her passion to explore the world and make a difference in it. Matt is also kind, loving and always happy to show it whether that's cuddling on the couch or whisking her away someplace for a weekend of fun... or Vegas engagement!

Matt is the son of Ingrid Meier and Rick McPhail. An avid fan of technology from an early age, Matt took his passion for computers and german-bred manners to the business world, developing software for Alberta's major industries.

Matt loves a challenge. He discovered hiking working in Jasper between his first and second years of university and has since trekked-up many mountains in the National Parks. A little closer to home he's taken-up the challenge of helping good friends get elected and when not participating in the explosiveness of politics has a lot of fun organizing a big yearly fireworks display at the lake.

Matt is very happy and fortunate to spend the rest of his life with Angela, someone as willing to spend days backpacking up a mountain as she is Rocking-out with him to the newest Guitar Hero! She compliments him with everything she does... A more perfect match doesn't exist.

Best friends years before dating. Angela and Matt met at University in 2003 through maid of honour and exercise buddy Jodi. As great companions and good looking reasons to work out their friendship grew through school and beyond until Matt's 26th birthday party.

That night Angela and Matt discovered they were much more than just friends. They are very thankful to good friends Drew & Kathleen and motivation by bridesman T.J. for the place and courage to discover their love. With much courage on both their parts they locked eyes and kissed for the first time... and haven't looked away since.

Matt followed with a clever courting where Angela didn't know it was a first date until he'd paid for dinner. It was a perfect match: their relationship blossomed and they spent a great deal of time enjoying each other's company and hobbies, Angela going on her first multi-day hike, Matt taking-up Angela's love of travelling with his first trip to Mexico.
They moved-in together the following summer and were engaged shortly thereafter... But for that story you'll need to attend the wedding.